What Dorn Method Treatment Involves

During the Dorn Method treatment you work together with the Therapist at all times. Treatment itself begins with a leg length comparison check; a high percentage of people suffering from back pain show a leg length difference often due to poor leg seating in the hip joint. Your Therapist will then make simple, safe corrections as necessary.

To help prevent future problems from re-occurring, you will also be shown how to carry out simple leg length corrections for yourself at home.

Next your pelvis is checked for any misalignment, followed by lumbar, thoracic (spinal column) and cervical vertebrae (neck) checks. Any imbalances or vertebrae found out of place are corrected as necessary using very gentle and safe techniques.

The following short video demonstrates some of the various Dorn Method techniques. As you can see, the moves are all very gentle and safe, but very effective.

All corrections in The Dorn Method take place in a dynamic way, this simply means you work together with the Therapist by moving the joint being corrected. In so doing related muscles are ‘distracted’ causing joints to slip more easily back into place, and it is this technique that helps make The Dorn Method so very effective and successful.

Dorn treatment can also be combined with a very relaxing spinal massage called the Breuss Massage. For more information, please follow this link:The Bress Massage.