Dorn Method Testimonials

These testimonials have been provided by Dorn Therapist Brigitte Nath who works at The UK Dorn Method Centre.

"I have suffered from severe lower back pain for several years so when a friend told me about the Dorn Method and Brigitte. I thought I may as well give it a try. Brigitte immediately put me at my ease and explained clearly the treatment of the Dorn Method. The exercises are so easy and so effective and the treatment is finished off with a wonderful massage which has been known to send me to sleep on the treatment table! Since first meeting Brigitte my back has felt stronger and I now see Brigitte and her wonderful therapy once a month simply as a treat and preventative measure. I have no hesitation in recommending the Dorn Method and Brigitte is a caring and excellent Therapist."

Sue Stanley, Stratford upon Avon


The Dorn treatment I've recently had from you has really worked wonders for my comfort and mobility, to the extent for example, that I was able to spend about 4 hours yesterday walking around the new woodland walk at Anne Hathaways and then the countryside walk at Mary Ardens without my back or hip feeling at all stressed, which is completely different from the situation before I came to see you ! What I also find very interesting is that since the therapy I haven't had a single headache, which I would invariably get beforehand from such walking, as well as the fact that doing the pins and needles exercise before going to bed, I'm now able to sleep on my left side with my right arm spread out in front, and not encounter any problem. I'm also very concious of the fact that my "drooping" shoulder seems also to be a thing of the past, so that all in all so far, what you've achieved with Dorn has been a revelation for me, for which I'm extremely grateful, so no need to worry that I'm likely to neglect the exercises. If only I'd found out about Dorn years ago !

P King, Shipston-on-Stour


I have recently had two treatments from Brigitte, and I am amazed at the results. I have a longstanding chronic back issue that developed in my early 20's when having to constantly lift an infirm relative. It left me with years of extremely painful lower back and hip problems, and in recent years neck problems. The re-allignment treatment and home exercises are really helping me feel stronger, better balanced, and have given me the ability to relieve my own pain. I know that I only need to go back for maintenance treatment, and I have to say that the spinal massage at the end of the second treatment was fantastic, and when Brigitte had finished, I was left wondering how I would ever got off the couch as I was so incredibly relaxed! Brigitte is extremely knowledgeable, and I was immediately comfortable in her company, and am very pleased with the outcome of my Dorn Method treatment.

Fran Flint, Coventry


Having suffered with upper back problems since being a teenager carrying a very heavy satchel for 6 years – and ‘putting up’ with it, it seems like a miracle to me to have had such a ‘gentle’ treatment that has aligned my ‘crooked’ vertebrae after only 2 visits to Brigitte using the Dorn Method. I would recommend the treatment to anyone with a back problem; a gentle, successful – no crunching and clicking – relief.

Tegwen Burford, Stratford upon Avon


I hurt my lower back as a young mum with 3 children. All the GP would advise was `take paracetamol when required and lay down for 5 days`; as most of you realize with 3 young children, this was just not possible. In May 2004, I hurt my mid-back section at work, again was advised rest, painkillers galore and time, x rays didn’t reveal anything.

After 18 months of pain hell, my daughter introduced me to Brigitte and the Dorn Method; and I’ve never looked back since that day. Together with her help and the exercises she showed me to help myself, I am more mobile and confident. I can drive comfortably, walking has eased, and being able to sit with my family all through a meal is great, I really feel that I have my quality of life back, where I want it plus I can return for a top-up with Brigitte when I need to.

I WOULD RECOMMEND THE DORN METHOD TO EVERYONE THAT IS SUITABLE FOR IT and Brigitte was great, caring, considerate and she actually listened to what I said without judgment, a very big THANKYOU Brigitte, for everything.

Karen Padington, Swindon.


I met Brigitte in 2003 when she came to see me as a customer. As I've had back problems for vaguely 23 years at that specific time she suggested a new method of treatment which was called the DORN Method. I was amazed on how good this treatment works and it's virtually pain free. After only 2 sessions lots of my pain had almost disappeared. Brigitte gave me tips on how to keep me pain free which I tried to keep as much as possible. I can’t be grateful enough for what happened and can’t thank Brigitte enough for what she did. I can only strongly recommend her help to anybody who needs it. That is if you don’t want to take painkillers all your life.

H. Roge-Lane, Stratford upon Avon


I would welcome anyone who suffers from back, body discomfort or continuous pain to have a treatment using the Dorn Method. I have had a back problem since 1977 from a motor cycle accident. I used other methods of correction to my back over the years but found the Dorn Method so easy to understand and have applied daily excercise to help my condition. I believe we have a duty to take care of our bodies throughout our lives and the Dorn Method is a major part of my life that helps me stay good. It is such a gentle manipulation with leg or arm movement (in my case) that reposition's any misalignment that my back has. My body will let me know if my back is out, by sending a message of pain to me. Once this occurs I will contact Brigtte who will always find time to see me as soon as possible.

Jeremy Riley (Electrician), Warwick