Dorn Method History

Dorn has its humble origins based in a small village deep in the South German region of Bavaria over 35 years ago where it is now very well recognised, respected and practised by thousands of Therapists as well as some Doctors and Physiotherapists.

The story goes that The Dorn Method was developed by Dieter Dorn (picture above), a sawmill owner who injured himself whilst lifting a heavy log, and consequently suffering very badly with lumbago (a form of lower Back Pain).

Unable to continue working, he remembered an old farmer from a nearby village know as the local village healer, and who could help people who had bad backs. The village healer came to Dieter’s aid and after a single treatment was able to free Dieter of his pain. Impressed with his speedy recovery, Dieter asked the healer whether he could learn the techniques used, so he could try to help his wife who had been suffering from severe migraines for many years. The healer duly agreed and so Dieter started to learn what he could. After successfully treating his wife, Dieter then began treating friends and neighbours, and of course soon after word-of-mouth helped spread the news and brought many more people looking to see if Dieter could help with their health problems.

Eventually, Dieter Dorn decided that it was time to teach other people how to work with this wonderful treatment, and thus was born The Dorn Method. All this happend in the 1970's, but it wasn't until the early 1990's that Dorn was taught in larger numbers in classrooms throughout Germany. Today Dorn is being taught all over the world, from as far away as New Zealand and of course here in the UK where there is now a rapidly growing number of Dorn Therapists.