Dorn Method Introduction

Many people turn to The Dorn Method when all else has failed, particularly after suffering many years with lower back pain, headaches, joint pain, etc. This is probably because here in the UK not too many people have yet heard about this wonderful therapy. However, thanks to extremely positive feedback from people who have had Dorn therapy its reputation is growing strongly and there are more and more Complementary Therapists and healthcare professionals now begining to learn its powerful techniques.

Dorn Method Example So what is The Dorn Method? It is a gentle manual therapy which focuses on helping to alleviate the causes of common Back and Joint pain problems in people of all ages. It is used to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints, treating many common health problems from Back pain and Sciatica to Migraines and very much more.

Dorn is a very gentle and safe treatment where the Therapist works in harmony together with the client using a range of specific techniques and exercises in a unique ‘dynamic’ approach, enabling joints to move easily back into place and so restoring balance to the body, which is something central to Dorn theory.

Dorn therapy also avoids unnecessary stresses to muscles and ligaments involving no jerky manipulation or ‘clicking’ and ‘crunching’ of joints which so many people fear or dislike.

From humble beginings to Global reach

Dorn has its origins in South Germany where it has now been used for nearly 40 years by thousands of therapists, being very well established and respected. Stories of Dorn’s amazing successes abound, and indeed The Dorn Method can now be found not only in the UK, but also as far away as the U.S.A., Australia and The Philippines; in fact Dorn has now spread to well over 20 countries.

Dorn is more than just a therapy

The Dorn Method is also much more than a just a treatment or therapy. It is in reality a combination of three parts which aim to provide an excellent maintenance and preventative joint care system designed to look after the body over the long term.

The first part of this trio-combination is the actual treatment, which focuses on looking for and correcting imbalances within the body. Of course most people come for treatment because they are suffering from some form of health problem and often are in much pain, so therapy is required first.

Secondly, Dorn promotes the use of better posture in day to day life; as an example, simple suggestions include not sitting crossed legged or not slouching whilst seated in front of the computer at work; these are typical bad habits we fall into, and which over time can lead to health problems. The cause of Back Pain section at this website shows why bad posture can lead to health problems.

Dorn Method Self Help Exercises Thirdly and importantly, Dorn also teaches a set of simple, easy to learn self-help exercises which are designed to be taken away and practised at home. These exercises help to continue what a Dorn Therapist started, helping maintain balance in the body and therefore aim for good health over the long term. A few minutes spent each day for example on a simple leg length correction exercise, will help to keep the hip joint in place, and the spine sitting straight. Today these self-help exercises can be found being taught in various Kindergartens in Germany, helping educate the young to start looking after themselves. You can read more about the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises here.