Back Pain Therapy

The Dorn Method is a safe and gentle complementary back pain therapy with an excellent reputation. It has been around for around 40 years now and is a therapy for the treatment of Back and Joint pain along with other common health problems that may be associated with spinal disorders.

Many people fear Back Pain therapy, perhaps because of the concern of possible further damage caused by the therapy itself, or from the ‘clicking’ or ‘crunching’ sensations they might expect to experience during treatment (of which there is non during Dorn Method therapy).

The good news is however, that although the Back or human spinal column is quite a complex place, made up of many muscles, small bones, discs, tendons, nerves and the spinal cord, it is also a very robust and resilient area capable of withstanding a gentle therapy such as Dorn, which as a back pain therapy is shown to be very safe, and having no harsh or jerky moves.

Dorn Method Therapy Example The Dorn Method can be used effectively on low back pain, and Acute or Chronic Back Pain, although obviously each case is based on an individual basis depending upon the severity of the underlying problem. Before carrying out back pain therapy, your Dorn Therapist will conduct a consultation and take into consideration your medical history, existing conditions and any recommendations from your doctor or other specialist.

The growth of The Dorn Method around the world and now in the UK, along with plenty of anecdotal evidence over many years suggests that The Dorn Method is indeed a very effective back pain therapy. The National Health Service in the UK today could possibly save a lot of money and provide increased patient care through offering therapies such as The Dorn Method, possibly reducing the number of hip and spinal surgery cases; although obviously trials would need to be conducted to help prove this case to those demanding scientific proof. Dorn may also be able to help other common health problems away from the joints, such as Gallbladder and intestinal problems as a by product of the back pain therapy itself, although there is some contention here as nothing has been conclusively proven. For more information, please see the section what can dorn treat.