Are you looking for Back Pain Therapy?

Back Pain treatment You probably came to this website because you are looking for help and want to find good back pain therapy or perhaps treatment for joint pain.

If so, this website has been provided to help you discover more about the Dorn Method, what it is, how it works and to help you decide whether it could right for you as a therapy to consider for back pain, joint pain and associated health problems.

If you would like to read a litte more about Back Pain itself, in order to gain a little more understanding about its causes, then please follow this link to what causes Back Pain, alternatively, to start finding out whether the Dorn Method is right for you please follow this link Back Pain Therapy.

What is The Dorn Method?

The Dorn Method is a wonderful Therapy which focuses on the relief of common Back pain and Joint problems.

The Dorn Method has always enjoyed excellent feedback and praise ever since it was developed in Germany nearly 40 years ago, where it is now widely used by thousands of therapists and an increasing number of Doctors.

Today the Dorn Method is being taught as a back pain therapy right across the UK and all over the world. In the UK it is recognised by The Federation of Holistic Therapists, which is the UK's largest professional therapist association and also the CThA, an equally respected professional body. For more information about The Dorn Method back pain therapy please follow this link to Learn about The Dorn Method.

Finding a Quality Dorn Therapist near you

The teaching of The Dorn Method began a few years ago here in the UK and now there is a growing number of Dorn Method Therapists to be found around the country ready to provide quality, safe back pain therapy.


However, before accepting back pain therapy from a Dorn Therapist, you should ensure that the therapist has been trained by an approved Dorn Method instructor such as those who belong to the Dorn Method Therapists Association (DMTA).

Please follow this link to Find a Dorn Therapist who should be able to offer you quality Back Pain Therapy to a good standard.

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